Aug 17th, 2021 at 12:00 am

July 2021 Monthly Newsletter


Summer is ending soon, but we are only just beginning. We've got a ton of exciting updates and plans to share!

As always, thank you to our donators and contributors! Without your help, this site and services could not continue. It means a lot. Donations will be listed at the bottom.

Account System

It's no surprise that the Account System is one of the sites bigger projects. We've talked about it's plan, it's conception, and it's public beta. We want to continue to build upon it and have a community that can interact with one another and share their creations. We are currently working on ways to extend the current capabilities of the system to communicate and interact with others in a more friendly and efficient manner. While we cannot show you yet, there are currently in works a Forum, Journal system, and a live chatroom.

These are not gaurenteed to be out anytime soon, and will take quite a bit to complete, but look forward to them when it comes time!

Upcoming changes

As the system has had time to function and issues are being fleshed out, interface changes are becoming a thing, but hopefully it'll end. It's pretty much become a thing of constant changes in the interface and layout of the system, and it's because as time goes on, better solutions and looks are more desired. Let's look at some upcoming changes.

Currently, the navigation bar is lacking and feels way too bulky for my tastes. So much on one bar, with nothing being organized. The new one aims to change that.


With a pull down area for your own personal managements and pages, and public places all laid out on the top, it makes it a much cleaner experience without drastically changing the look or feel. It's much more organized and easy to use, and works for mobile layout too.

We've also had some changes for the file system, now giving a grid layout. Most are running wide-screen displays, which wastes a lot of space if something is listed going down vertically. This grid layout will allow a lot of files to be displayed at once, regardless of resolution or aspect ratio. It also brings the use of a custom context menu, which will be a nicer experience when managing files. We are not intending this for mobile layouts as we recommend you to use a desktop for your file management.


The mail system has gotten a redesign too, giving a much cleaner look and easier organization, having a separate Inbox and Outbox tab and a nicer message listing.


And speaking of mail, previews have gotten better and more accurate! Now correctly see what your message will look like, and you even get youtube embeds! This previewer and youtube embeds will also be on the edit profile.



Expect this update soon(TM)!

The Rest

Archival hasn't had anything noteworthy for July, but archival is still going. A few worlds have popped up under their creators respected names under /users, and sites are being found and saved as we find them, but this just hasn't been a very active month.

Comments have been disabled on the blog due to russian spambots. I apologize for this.


Pichi123 - $5

Paola - $10

You can find our Paypal donation link in the contacts page. Thank you!


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