Oct 25th, 2021 at 7:00 pm

Quick Update


This is just a quick update post to let everyone know that the site and it's features are still being worked on, supported, and alive. Newsletters are on hiatus considering there are a lot of internal changes at play. Busy busy busy.

We will however address the elephant in the room: the name change.

As owner and operator of this site, I've never felt it to be mine. It is mine, I made it, but I don't like having my name on things that don't 100% deserve my credit. This site is more than just my site, it's a site I open up to contributions, community, communication. It's more than just "my site" now, and I want to continue this expansion of the site. That is why the site has had a name change.

Worlio was the name chosen, and you will now be redirected to Worlio.com when attempting to access Wirlaburla.com. This name wasn't just chosen on a whim either, it was voted on with our staff members among others trusted in the communities we are active in the most. It was ultimately decided the name would be changed to Worlio, the name of our worm mascot. As such, we are going through a "rebranding" process to update logos, designs, and pages with accurate information.

The other names on the roster for those intrigued:

Feel free to start your own site with any of these names.

Additionally, file access is being restricted for now. New users will not be accepted for file access currently, and existing users will not get storage increases. This is temporary, and will be changed in the future.

It'll be awhile before the next update, and it plans to bring a lot of good changes and features. The forum is being worked on and polished for release, as well as many other neat features. Stay tuned!


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ilder gray

1 year ago

Worlio does sound catchy.

2 years ago

A great update, Wirla!

2 years ago

Thanks for the update!

2 years ago
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