Nov 4th, 2020 at 12:00 am

WorldsPlayer Featured for November 2020


The spooky season has passed, and now it's time for the November list of featured worlds in your favorite WorldsPlayer. Listed here is a small collection of Worlds I felt should be shared and viewed. Be sure to check them out yourself and have fun exploring!

Tyler World

by Dsparil
Dsparil is well known for her wonderful worlds work, and her combined collection in her new Tyler World is no exception. Travel through classics like Beloved, Lost Souls, Stagnant Demesne, and more. The worlds fit so seamlessly, you won't even notice it was once separated.


by Jimbly
A recreation of a level from the original Id Software classic 'Doom' from 1993. A very fitting world aestetically, and well crafted to seem as though you are actually in Doom.

Alien Mystery

by bilbo99
Anyone who has taken part of the Balaam Sunday Tours will know this one. This is known as a classic, featuring aliens, skeletons, pegasi, and much much more during the journey. It's a world I cannot explain, as it has to be experienced.


by Num_Lock
A museum and memorial of sorts for the old Worlds Chat software, featuring small bits of locations from the older software.

I hope you all enjoyed this months Featured list. Please be sure to suggest your own by contacting me. Thank you!


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Crazy good content, good job people! Nice to see some of the older content featured as well.

3 years ago

I hope next month's list is also a list!

3 years ago


3 years ago

Dope, thanks wirla!!

3 years ago
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