Jul 10th, 2022 at 8:29 pm

Tour & Talk: Expired's World


A report by BicPenLysolWipe in coordination with Softie.

Greetings fine users of Worlio.com! BicPenLysolWipe here with the inside scoop to uncover some answers for many of us newer users that have come into Expired's world over the years, all with permission from Softie herself! Initially I suspected that this would be a personal tour alone of sort, but it ended up kind of morphing into a sort of informational showcase which looked similar to an interview, and I thought upon learning many of these things throughout such, that it would be a wonderful idea to share this with all of you! Proof of her permission given is shown near the end of our talk within Expired's World. Keep in mind I intend to remain as faithful as possible to the original chat I took from the gamma log, so if there are any glaring grammar errors, that's just how it was, and I refuse to deviate from such to better showcase the authenticity of the conversation. Please enjoy reading the following chat log, and be sure to check out the provided whisper screencap below for some further context into the main chat as well, thank you!

My whisper conversation with Softie.

Cue Bic & Softie teleporting into Expired's World

Softie> Hi !!!!

Softie> lol

BicPenLysolWipe> I remember when me and some of my older Worlds friends used to come here and just hang out.

Softie> That's why I made it ... for Expired - a worlds member. H was on dial up and couldn' load worlds

BicPenLysolWipe> Registering in 2013 and being shown this always felt majestic. I didn't discover the jukebox secret until like a year later I think.

Softie> I mde this room for him so that he could load wordls

BicPenLysolWipe> A couple of other secrets I didn't even discover until a year after that one haha.

Softie> crikey!! ok lets go se Goldie :-)

We enter the initial secret hall where we begin talking about the skull in particular

BicPenLysolWipe> Heck ya!

Softie> Expired loved him lol

BicPenLysolWipe> Ooooo, I love that he has a name haha!

BicPenLysolWipe> Did Expired give him the name?

Softie> Expired was his worlds name... he was a person

BicPenLysolWipe> No no, I mean did Expired give Goldie his name?

Softie> No, I did lol

BicPenLysolWipe> Ahhhh ok ok haha

Softie> ok .. walk behind me

BicPenLysolWipe> A fine name for certain!

BicPenLysolWipe> I'm currently behind you haha!

Softie> You have to climb this wood ... but you'll fall off if you don't hang a left lol

BicPenLysolWipe> Yep yep!

We walk up the wooden ramp into the lift room

Softie> Made it lol

Softie> Through here.....

BicPenLysolWipe> I really enjoy the H.R. Giger inspired decor throughout, I went nuts over it when I first found this place haha!

We briefly enter into a void outside of the east wall

BicPenLysolWipe> Ahhh yeah, the void!

We exit out of the void and enter Expired's bedroom, which is the one with the vampire casket floating in space

Softie> This is Expired's bed lol

BicPenLysolWipe> I always loved this room, we always called it the Dracula vibe room haha.

Softie> There are actually lots of bats in the wall if you look closely

BicPenLysolWipe> I wanted to ask, is Expired still around today? Do you think they would come back to Worlds if they are?

Softie> This is where Expired would sleep

Softie> No.. he left worlds a lot of years ago

BicPenLysolWipe> Awww, well I hope he's doing well wherever he is!

Softie> He and I were a couple in RL. for two years.

Softie> We met on Worlds

BicPenLysolWipe> I'm sure this world meant a lot to him then!

Softie> I'm Scottish - he's Canadian. He moved to the UK for two years.

Softie> It means the world to him ... and me

BicPenLysolWipe> This world being a product of love is always lovely to hear!

(In light of sensitive info I've been asked to retract, Softie informed me to simply say that they split some time afterward but are still good friends to this day!)

We head out of Expired's bedroom

Softie> You've been on the lift i assume?

BicPenLysolWipe> Many a time yes!

Softie> ok .. lets go down again then

We go down back the wooden ramp to enter the next area

Softie> I think its in here ... its been a while lol

We enter the secret bridge cave area

Softie> Here we are lol

BicPenLysolWipe> I always thought this place was interesting, I like the bridge setup in here myself!

Softie> If you fall off the edge there's no way back lol

BicPenLysolWipe> Was this going to lead anywhere at some point?

Softie> Never!haha

BicPenLysolWipe> I really like the view in that case!

Softie> Its just fun :-)

Softie> That just leaves the water

Softie> lets go

BicPenLysolWipe> Of course!

(Before we proceeded towards the secret caves I asked her about the door at the end which is explained in the provided whisper.)

We exit the secret cave bridge and prepare to descend through the water nearby

Softie> Right into the water

We enter the secret cave rooms with the blood river in it

Softie> this is it now ... unfinished too

Softie> river of blood

BicPenLysolWipe> I really like how surreal the caves look!

Softie> through this door here

BicPenLysolWipe> Oooo I never knew this was a river of blood but I can totally see it now!

Softie> opening

We enter into the cove, our final stop on this delightful tour

Softie> This is fr as I got with building this world

Softie> Its not finished

BicPenLysolWipe> I think this is one of my favorite parts of the world along with the lift penthouse!

Softie> :-))

Softie> I'm glad that you know all its secrets

BicPenLysolWipe> I think this was an excellent part to finish on at the time, everyone loves to come around here and vibe!

Softie> I'd no idea that it had been visited so much Bic. That means a lot to me. Thanks for coming with me

BicPenLysolWipe> I remember for a long time, around when I joined, people had a hard time finding this spot though. It was such a well hidden place in this world haha.

Softie> yes lol

BicPenLysolWipe> I remember seeing a video of when a streamer named Vinny from a streamer group named Vinesauce on YouTube had visited and people touring him had told a story of how secret this used to be.

Softie> It was secret because it was a personal gift to Expired and he asked me to never make it public

Softie> He's long gone now so I don't feel s though I'm betraying his trust

BicPenLysolWipe> I get you on that, you did make it after all, even if it was a gift haha.

Softie> I did and it was a lot of work lol

Softie> Back to GZ Bic?

BicPenLysolWipe> I can tell you put in amazing effort throughout all of it.

BicPenLysolWipe> I wanted to ask a few more questions if you're alright with that!

Softie> Thanks :-) and I'm glad that you know the story behind it

BicPenLysolWipe> Where did you get the picture next to the poem from?

Softie> Yes!!! go for it

BicPenLysolWipe> In the outer space living room?

Softie> From Pete Murphy's website. Its the official photo from his album

Softie> You mean in the entrance of this world?

BicPenLysolWipe> Ooooo, I had no idea it was Pete Murphy's! I should definitely check into that at some point.

BicPenLysolWipe> Yeah, the one with the couple in it haha.

Softie> :-))

Softie> I added transparency to it

BicPenLysolWipe> I really like the lift and the penthouse, how long did that take to create?

Softie> It took me a couple of weeks to figure out

Softie> it was one of those situations where I was thinking ... will it go hight ... will it go yet hight ... etc etc

Softie> I had so much fun doing it lol

BicPenLysolWipe> It's an infamous lift for sure, when 4chan visited there was a legend that went around about it, where if you were accepted you could see the penthouse. But if you were denied you would fall into the depths below lol.

Softie> Around a month for the penthouse

Softie> It was a lot of trial and a lot of error!!

Softie> :-))

BicPenLysolWipe> There's a user on here recently, Sl0nderman, that made a world titled "Decannery" available through his 10th anniversary GZ that uses this legend as a main premise.

BicPenLysolWipe> The beginning room slowly rises the user up just like your lift and it tells a story as it does, at the end it drops the user into further adventure!

Softie> Oh!! I haven't seen that! Sounds wonderful

Softie> People are so clever

BicPenLysolWipe> I should give you the mark to check it out in whisper for sure!

Softie> please do!! I'll check it out offline if that's ok?

BicPenLysolWipe> Sure thing!

BicPenLysolWipe> http://worlio.com/users/sl0nderman/worlds/anniversarygz.world

BicPenLysolWipe> I definitely recommend checking out the galleries if you have .mov avs available as well. There's even a real playable arcade game in the room before the auditorium entry hall!

Softie> thank you :-)

BicPenLysolWipe> Decannery will be where the entry to DCN normally is.

BicPenLysolWipe> Just click the first square you see on the selection wheel and you'll be able to visit such!

Softie> Oh, I see. I'm intrigued

BicPenLysolWipe> It's definitely a journey to be seen on Worlds for sure!

Softie> Back o GZ now?

BicPenLysolWipe> One more question!

Softie> oh ok lol

BicPenLysolWipe> I noticed there was a room available through the lift room called "kitchen" that you can't exit back out from, what was this room intended to be? Just a kitchen, or something more?

Softie> It was meant to be a funky kitchen lol. Expired liked to cook certain things so I was going to put things he'd love in there. Again, its unfinished

BicPenLysolWipe> That sounds like it would've been a wonderful place to witness knowing the quality of your worlds builds! I've seen your kitchen and dining room in Shangri-La and was always interested at the prospect of such!

Softie> You're getting my building fingers twitching Bic lol. Maybe I need to finish these things

BicPenLysolWipe> I'm excited to hear that, if you ever start doing so I'd love to see the progress of such!

Softie> This room that we're in is supposed to have a huge iceberg in it

Softie> again, unfinished

BicPenLysolWipe> Ahhhh, that's to provide insight into the wonderful pond here!

BicPenLysolWipe> The thought of a glacier sounds majestic to witness in combination with this cove!

Softie> there were all sorts of plans for the berg

BicPenLysolWipe> Oh my!

Softie> underwater and over :-)

BicPenLysolWipe> There's so much to this world and to hear that there was only going to be so much more added certainly has my imagination running throughout!

Softie> We were going to have an underwater dining room to invite friends to haha

Softie> Who knows what may happen :-)

Softie> anything else you'd like to ask? Do feel free

BicPenLysolWipe> I wanted to ask, do you mind if I share what's been explained as an interview of sort with friends on Worlio? There's been many people who have wondered about things relating to Expired's world over the years as well, much mystery surrounding this place and I'm sure people would love to be in the know!

Softie> Well, feel free to share anything I've shared with you today

Softie> I think this world has a lovely story

BicPenLysolWipe> Thank you very much Softie, both for providing me a personal tour of the place and answering many questions about this world in general!

BicPenLysolWipe> It's been a wonderful journey to take part in for certain!

Softie> You're very welcome. I loev that you're interested

Softie> Back to GZ now? lol

BicPenLysolWipe> Always have been, as have many others haha. This is definitely a Worlds favorite for many explorers throughout the years!

BicPenLysolWipe> Sure thing, thanks again!

BicPenLysolWipe> Will be heading back to GZ now!

Concluding this logged report, I hope everyone that read through all of it perhaps had some personal questions answered about the context of matters regarding Expired's World, it definitely answered mine to say to the least! I'd like to end off by saying it's definitely something to appreciate having creators of such worlds like Softie come on after so long of not being on Worlds due to one reason or another, and gladly answer some questions as they have that may be driving our curiosity over the years. I'm sure they very much appreciate knowing we've had plenty of memories of these worlds throughout the years even in their absence and to see them possibly bring these worlds to further heights is always something to be excited at the prospect of certainly! Thanks to Wirla for bringing Softie back onto Worlds and allowing me to post this on the blog, and thank you to Softie as well for your dedication to Worlds over the years and also being a fine service provider of other user's worlds as well! Finally to all the Worlio visitors out there, I hope you have an excellent day, thanks for reading!


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