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We will miss you Cassian

Author: is a small community, and many within it are friendly. If one user were to ever come to mind when talking about the community being friendly and helpful, it's Cassian.


Crista Magnuson, or who we know as Cassian, passed away on April 24th, 2021. She was a fantastic user and a wonderful person. Nobody in the community wished badly for her, and they have nothing but nice words for her. She was an icon and a legend in Worlds community.

I could try and write this entire post about her and how amazing she was in this community, but it wouldn't do her justice. So instead, hear from many others in the community their words about the loss of their friend and an amazing member. Her loss was met with an overwhelmingly amount of love and care in the community. Those who knew Cassian expressed their loss, and those who didn't gave their condolences. No matter if you knew her or not, we can all agree she meant a lot to the community.


I will remember you. We all will. We will remember you so dearly. We will remember your voice, your personality, your presence, your angels and demons, we will remember you in your entirety. Nothing, no, nobody, nothing at all can replace you. Nothing will replace you and it's becoming hard to type...

You were my first and best friend on Worlds. The very first person I ever saw in Worlds' mysterious empty halls back many, many years ago, and I remember my first day as if it was yesterday. Your passing has shattered my heart completely, it feels unreal, and there is so much I wish I could have said and told you before this dreadful day. I hope you know, wherever you are, that I love you with all my heart. You will always be my big sister, someone I look up to. You were kind, you were compassionate, you loved all walks of life regardless of their shape and size. You were an amazing human being and I hope that wherever you are, you are safe, and you know you are loved. Not just by me, but by everyone in here...


Hey Cass, I hope wherever you are, you're doing alright. I'm uncertain if you'll be able to read this or not, but I'm very sorry to hear about what all happened. In my mind, even when we didn't talk for some years, I still felt like you were a friend for me deep down, even if I wasn't for you maybe at some point. You were one of the most chill people I could come to about anything and it hurts to know we might not be able to have conversations much longer about stuff like our lives and things going on in Worlds. Many of us on Worlds respected you very much and I was honored to get to know you for the time I did. I hope you and Antumbra are somewhere chilling out about the good old times, I know you missed him as well. Many of us already miss you, I know your mom, your family and your irl friends miss you too and I know I'll miss you very much. Rest in Peace Crista, you were an excellent friend of Worlds and an even better loved person to the people who got to personally know you well.


Cassian you were one of the first few people that i met on worlds, its people like you that made me want to stay in the community. I loved hanging out with you most of the time. Even though over the years we stopped speaking as much i always looked up to you and have thought of you as a great and wholesome person! i hope that wherever you are, its a much better place and i hope in the future we get to hang out like we used to some time in future. Thank you for all the years that graced us with your friendship! Youll always be in my heart and everybody elses


Cassian was one of my first few friends on worlds that I spoke to, and one of the first to help me around when I came back. I'm so thankful for her and our friendship. Her love for this community will never be forgotten. I've known Cass for eight years now and it feels unreal. I love you, Cass. Thank you for everything. I am so grateful for our conversations, many laughs, tours, and memories over the years.


There are no right words to say in a moment like this. I encourage everyone to take Cassian's example and keep making this community strong, kind and a safe place. The world (and Worlds...) needs more people like her. May she rest in peace and free from any suffering. My condolences to everyone and my DMs are open for everyone who might need it. She will always be remembered.


Cass, there are so many wishes I'm gonna take to the grave for not being capable of becoming friends with you. I wish we talked more often, I wish I had gotten to know you better, I wish I went to one of your tours... I can't believe you're gone. Everyone had nothing but sweet lovely words about you, and you've helped so many people here and because of that, I didn't realize until now how much I actually owe you my presence on Worlds. I would like to say even more than what I'm writing right now... I hope you are in a better place now and I hope that you know that we love you, and we will always love you. Your memory will never be forgotten.


Whether she knows it or not, she was an important worlds figure not just to the community, but to each of us. She changed my life for the better. DOS means everything to me right now and that wouldn't be the case without Cassian. I would still see him as an asshole I would not want to talk to, but she told me otherwise so I decided to try. She has been such a kind soul and even if I tried, could not think of a single bad thing with Cassian. She was a great person and only deserved the best. We will miss you Cassian. You live on in my heart.


Cass, you were the first person to talk to me on worlds, the first to give me a tour, and the first to accept me into our little friend group. It became such a large and loving place thanks to you. Everyone I speak to lets me know you are the first friend they ever had on worlds and it was no different for me. When I came back to worlds you yelled Bobby at me in main and I knew I would still love it here, because you were here. You were a rock through a lot of hard times for me in my late teens and I don't know that I would be here without you, and I know worlds wouldn't be the same if we all hadn't met you. Love you Cass, rest easy knowing you left an amazing mark on the world.


I'm no good at words like these, but I'll do my best. I have known Cassian since around 2013... it hits me hard to hear this. Cass and I stayed in contact even after I left the worlds scene, we played Splatoon together, we talked about life struggles, we supported one another. though we hadn't spoke in a bit I had always considered them a friend...

Cassian, I hope you are resting well wherever you are. you brought happiness to a lot of people, myself included. you were one of the first people I came across on worlds, and you and I were both prominent tour guides. I learned a lot from you, and I'll cherish the memories I have with you for years to come.


Oh Cass, I don't even know what to say. It still doesn't feel real, even though I haven't talked to you in a long time. You were the first friend I made on worlds and the first person who took the time to talk to me on worlds. It's really weird to think you're not around anymore. I hope you're in a better place and you're happy.


I fell asleep for a long time and dreamed about worlds and Cass being there. I always jokingly said that when we die our consciousness will transfer onto Worlds but I do think that Cass will live not only in our hearts but also in the halls of Worlds, to be remembered forever.


I don't know if I have any right to say anything, considering we were not close. It's strange to think that you are gone now; you were always there. You were always so nice and sweet to me, encouraging me with my silly fashion exploits. So many people love you. You're gonna leave behind a big Cassian-shaped hole in the hearts of many; you'll never be forgotten. I hope you are doing good wherever you are now. I'm sorry I did not take the time to get to know you better. Rest easy, now; thank you for bringing sunshine to everyone.


gosh, its hard to put this into words i knew cassian when we were both really young from a petsite. one of my first REAL online friends... we’d call on my flip phone for hours and hours and hours on end. after a while i dropped out of the petsite, as you do with websites. i frequented /x/ and had to hop on worlds when i saw it. i don’t remember exactly how it went, but somehow i was allowed to see some art she made, and i IMMEDIATELY recognized her art style — id looked up to her back in the day! i flipped out immediately and i messaged her like UMMMM DID YOU USE THIS PETSITE ??? and somehow she recognized me too, maybe just by how i typed, but we met when i was in middle school and reconnected in high school, over shared interests and her art! i considered it a bona fide miracle. its really hard to know the right thing to say. i feel really glad to have met her and then met her again! i have a lot of old vague memories from the olden days. if i look around photobucket i might be able to find it, we talked on MSN messenger all the time and drew pictures with the draw function . i feel lucky to have been friends with her and to have had such an interesting long relationship


Cassian gave me good dating advice on Tuesday, and I decided I will follow it.

Although i wasn't as close as some of you, i did know her for a long time. I felt as though worlds constantly changes over time but she was one of the only grounding constants. I was intimidated by people and their "groups" in my early worlds days but she was very welcoming the few times i said stuff. I was really glad to be able to hear her voice for the first time last year (along with a lot of others!) while on VC. I'm really glad her picture has been posted and I'm able to see it.

Thanks Cassian. I wish you the absolute best wherever you are.


Cassian, I wish I couldve talked to you more. I truly regret that. The last time we spoke, I was so sure Id have the opportunity to speak to you again. And I was going to talk about the past with you too, rather than more about your life in the present. Idk, I guess either way I'd be kicking myself about something. That's always the thing with grief, eh? Well, I knew you enough to miss you now and to cry for you now. So there. And my heart is with everyone in this community who had all of these wonderful memories we see here.


When I joined worlds in 2013 like many others Cassian showed me around worlds and we talked a lot at the time and I looked up to her when I was a kid. Cassian didn’t deserve this fate and I just hope she can rest. A few months ago she asked if she could use an animal crossing model of Isabelle i put into worlds as an avatar and that’s the last thought on my mind for some reason and it makes me sad and I don’t know if she got the chance to use it. I’m sorry cass.


Cassian it was close to decade ago when I was wandering around this internet graveyard known as and just when I thought I'd seen all there was to see you and another pulled me aside and made me realize I had only walked on the tip of the iceberg. And when you took me on that dive and integrated me into the group you were the one holding it all together and these were the people I opened up to more than anyone I had in my life during a time when I wasn't sure I wanted to keep going. I still don't think I have so purely identified with any group of people before or since.

I think we only find our tribe once in life and you were one of the people who kept that tribe alive and defined who and what we were. Thank you for being the unashamedly spooky psychedelic beautiful creature you were. I could write an endless amount of stories here about the net explorations we shared together.

I'm sorry I drifted away from you and everyone else in my quest to ground myself in reality and that I haven't been around or chatty these past couple of years. There was so much new stuff in my life and identity I would have loved to vibe about and I took time for granted.

It's so grieving to have been informed of your passing but it brings me happiness to see just how many people you touched and created this space for. You leave behind not just a mark but a whole freaking atmosphere. I feel blessed to have existed in it. I hope you are happy as you explore what's beyond us.


Cassian was the first friend I made in the worlds community, and helped immensely in showing me the ropes and how things worked. She was the most polite and helpful person i've ever met, and I wish that I would've kept up with her more as I drifted away from the worlds community. I have a bunch of screencaps of shenanigans from ages ago and Cassian is in a handful of them, and I'm glad to have something concrete from those days to hold on to.


I didn't know Cassian super well, but she was the first person who was outside my friend group to show me around Worlds. When I mentioned the LSD Dream Emulator worlds in groundzero Cassian was kind enough to tour me through them and a couple other worlds. One that would later become one of my favorites. I'll always remember and cherish that tour. Thank you Cassian and rest easy.


I know this is late I only heard about her last night. I knew cassian for 10 years. I dont even know if she realized it but she was my best and only friend for several of them. She was kind, caring, and loyal, we drifted apart some in recent years but she still checked on me and it made me so happy to hear from her every time. I love you cass I miss you I hope you are at peace.

Cassian was such an important member to this community, and meant everything to everyone. She was such a kind-hearted user and only deserved the best. The community loved her, and she will be missed greatly. Thank you to all who gave your words.

In honor of Cassian, many creations were made for her memory.

Cassian Memorial World:

DOSfox page: Smol Critter

This post will be updated as more words are added and creations become available. May she be immortalized in our virtual land.

May she have the best of luck exploring the afterlife. We will miss you.


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Sorry it's taken me this long to write something. I didn't know Cass that well but the few times i saw her on worlds brightened up my day and while it saddens me greatly that she's gone I won't forget the time she hopped into one of our explorations around worlds and i remember being so happy to finally really get to meet her and talk to her even if it was just for a little bit. I like to think like many others, that cass is still in worlds in a way now watching over and guiding users through Thank You Cassian wherever you go next. I miss you.

2 years ago

It's been months, and I still think of you Cassian. Miss you always.

2 years ago

[Turbofuel] I know this is late I only heard about her last night. I knew cassian for 10 years. I dont even know if she realized it but she was my best and only friend for several of them. She was kind, caring, and loyal, we drifted apart some in recent years but she still checked on me and it made me so happy to hear from her every time. I love you cass I miss you I hope you are at peace.

2 years ago
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