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June 2021 Monthly Newsletter


It's been quite a few months since our last monthly newsletter update, and I apologize for that. It's been a crazy time and not a lot of it is free. While I know this is late, even for last month, we have a ton of exciting updates and developments to share, so put away your pitchforks and let's get into it.

Before we head straight into the updates, we would like to thank everyone who donated and contributed. Your supports means lots to us and it continues to keep us growing strong and to do our best! As always, you can see a list of supporters on the bottom of this blog post.

A loss to the Worlds community

As many already know, we lost a very dear and important member of the Worlds community in April. You can read about it in our blog post dedicated to her: We will miss you Cassian. It's part of the reason why it took so long for this newsletter, as it really hit the community hard and I being a prominent member in it, it hit me hard too. Thanks to all who contributed their words to her, as she was such an important figure to Worlds, and I hope she will be remembered for eternity.

The Account System is in public beta!

That's right folks! After months of hard work, the system that has been promised has been released in it's beta stage publicly. While it is still adding features and working on bugs, it's still pretty usable right now and I'll continue updating and fixing anything that needs to be fixed. You can register an account now and join in the fun! Currently, the feature-set includes:

One of the many important features promised for the hype was the ability to manage your own files. We've not only added that, but gave a huge range of your own options to make things easier.


You must ask a staff member for this feature, given security concerns and issues that can arise. At some point, this will be given to every verified member.

Message your buddy, message someone you know, ask somebody something, just have a chat. The message system allows for users to talk with others privately.


Remember the days you could use HTML and customize your page to the fullest extent? While our site isn't that flexible in that regard, use HTML and make your profile yours.


The account system is still being worked on, so expect more and more as time goes on. We already have some more planned features and additions upcoming.

Dark Mode

Due to popular demand, the site now has a global dark mode! If you haven't found it already, there is a nifty switch on the navigation bar that'll be your gateway to the lack of eye burning.



We've had a lot of archival additions and updates these past few months, and it's been super exciting.

Worlds Chat Gold v1.0

What was thought to be lost, ended up being found months ago. Wirlaburla.com has hosted archives for beta versions and v1.1 and up for Gold, but has been in search of a v1.0 rip for a long time. Thanks to a redumping sites aim to archival, a listing for "Worlds Chat (USA)" was discovered on archive.org, and in turned linked back to redump.org in it's description, listing this page showing the dumper being user7 being from April of last year. Thank you to user7 for dumping this ancient piece of internet and software history.

You can now find the dump also available on Wirlaburla.com under the Worlds Chat folder here: link


Roblox is still an active platform for kids creations and online multiplayer, but it's history goes back to 2005, and a lot of the major places and pieces of history on ROBLOX has mostly vanished or been hard to obtain. For instance, while ROBLOX was available as a Beta in 2005, it's history goes completely ignored for the most part during that era, with most listing ROBLOX being released for the first time in 2006, although that is only true for it's stable releases.

While Wirlaburla.com won't be focusing too much on archival of ROBLOX considering there are communities out there attempting to preserve it's history, we will host and share anything that comes up. I am preparing a big dump of ROBLOX content soon and you shall seen a ton of places available in their RBLX format soon under it's folder, as well as other resources.

ROBLOX holds a special place in my heart, for as a young child, I played it with many friends back in 2010. While I do not agree with the way they went after 2013, it's still a soft spot and even looking back, it's very nostalgic for me. Crazy to think it was only a decade ago.

Screen Mates

Do you remember those things? Pets that would walk around your own desktop, perform activities, and interact with you? Those neat commodity that seems to be a forgotten treasure today? Let's archive them! A new section for Screen Mates now exists filled with fun treasures from back in the day such as Poe, Neko, and Felix the Cat. Enjoy some wonderful simple little desktop pets for your own desktop.


If you aren't yet on our Minecraft server WirlaMC, send that whitelist application and join in. WirlaMC was just updated to 1.17 and then to 1.17.1, so enjoy part one of the Cave & Cliffs Update! Lots to explore, lots to do!

Thanks to our wonderful donators to help keep this project afloat and possible. It means so much! Here are the donators for the past 4 months.

Paola - $40

VertigoMindwarp - $40

SkeletalCat - $20

Knacken - $15

Timigi - $5

A little can go a long way, so don't be afraid to donate, even if it's only 5 dollars. This keeps the project up and covers server cost as well as development expenses.

Thanks for reading and hope you are excited about the future of Wirlaburla.com as I am. Take care.


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