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How do I connect to the server?

You can connect by entering any world that connects to our server. If your favorite worlds don't, ask the author to make one available. Features worlds are available in the "Worlds" page.

How do I voice chat?

If you are connected to the Worlio server, you'll need to enable "Use TCP for Voice Packets" in your settings. It should be under the "Connection" tab.

How do I upload a world?

Worlio.com offers a free file hosting service if you create an account. Once created, message a staff member for file access permissions. Once they have verified that you aren't a bot, you can upload your own world to your folder through the file manager.

How do I make my world connect to the server?

Simply by adding or changing the server address in the DSV file. You can edit it via a text editor and add or change the following lines, replacing '$MY_WORLD_URL$' with the URL address of the world:

DSpace_Server {
 fields [ SFString server, SFString url ]
 server "worlio.com"
 url "$MY_WORLD_URL$"

It's also a good idea to add some info:

WorldInfo {
 fields [ SFString title, MFString info ]
 title "My World"
 info "A beautiful world for people like me and you."

Traveler frequently crashes but I can still hear audio.

Modern versions of Windows have a bug that closes the main window but keeps the Service manager opened. To solve this, run both the Service manager and client in "Windows XP (Service Pack 2)" compatibility mode. You can find both executables in the 'apps' folder of your Traveler client. If you are having trouble, right-click and close on the Traveler icon in the system tray.

I get an empty error box when clicking a link or going to a world.

That means Traveler was unable to locate the address, as it either is malformed or doesn't exist.