Internet Archive

The largest internet archive service around.

Jett Archives

An archive that has been in operation for years, and has obtained a large amount of worlds for the public.

A site made by a popular user with worlds, media, and user profiles.

A site made by Knacken, a popular user and a HOST of

Worlds Chat Wiki

A Fandom wiki maintained and updated by many Worlds members.


A web archive for worlds from many sites owned and operated by the Worlds sysadmin.

VertigoMindwarp Designs

An interesting and neat site made by a user named VertigoMindwarp.


An interesting site created by an artists that features some archival.

Geo-metricks web3D Links

An early internet page listing various 3D worlds and internet services.


A library of ancient and old software and games for various systems.

A huge disc preservation project, dumping many discs through the years for archival.

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