Rules & Guidelines

Last Updated: Oct 7th, 2022

This page serves as required standard information for both visitors and users of our services. It will describe what is against our rules, why, and how we determine if actions should be taken and what for.

If you feel you've been banned unfairly or your report response wasn't adequate, we have a process for both. Banned users can email all helpful information to, while reports can be replied to.

Site-wide rules

These rules apply to the entire site and it's services as a whole.

No discussions or performing illegal activities or actions.

Our site is not above the law and will not hesitate to take action against anything illegal done within our services. We investigate every claim of illegal activities within our site. We follow US laws and regulations.

If you feel our investigation of potential illegal content is inadequate, we highly recommend contacting authorities yourself. We will take actions necessary if presented with valid US court orders to do so.

No malicious activities or contributions.

Intentionally linking, uploading, or announcing malicious content of any kind is not allowed and will result in removal of the content and it's author. This includes but is not limited to: malware, phishing, scams, or loggers.

No abusing unintended Worlio features.

Purposefully attempting to disrupt the quality or stability of the site in anyway is an extreme offense and will result in permanent termination. Things like spamming, abusing bugs, DDoSing, server probing, and false reports are seen as threats and will be dealt with accordingly. Certain instances will be excused if reporting bugs and/or security threats properly.

Keep staff-centric conversations on-site/on-server.

You should not be bugging our staff outside of site services for things about the site. We have an email for a reason, and staff are always available for communication on-site. There should be no reason why you have to go anywhere else. Doing so with evidence of who you are is seen as an attempt at manipulation and will not be tolerated.

Morals, Opinions, Alignments

We try our best to maintain an unbiased perspective of all reports, taking in existing evidence for our decisions. We only take actions for on-site activities as we feel everyone deserves a fresh slate, and do not take anything else as valuable to our decision. We want to give everyone an equal standing on Worlio, even if that something goes against what our staff team personally believes. Just because we do not take actions against a user, does not mean we support the user, it just means we don't think they break our rules.

File Hosting rules

Worlio offers small file hosting to users looking to share a small web-site, distribute and share files of their own, or anything of their choosing. File hosting extends the general site-wide rules with some additional file-related rules and information.

No copyrighted and protected files.

Worlio is not looking to make enemies with the RCAA. While we don't immediately ban or terminate users when recieving copyright claims, you will be if you do not stop distributing copyrighted content. We will communicate with users about the copyright status of their files. Companies will require sending copyright notices manually for review, as we have no automated system.

Additionally, copyright holders may contact us at our usual contact email to discuss about potential copyright infringements. Forging or making false copyright infringement claims is intolerable and will be ignored and your email potentially blacklisted. We require all copyright infringement claims to be reported via email.

Forum rules

Rules for the forum can be found at this thread.


Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. We will not take actions against users just for insulting others, that's how they feel. We have systems in place that allow you to block users if they become too problematic for you, and we suggest that you use them if you wish. If you are socially inept, it's not our problem unless you make it ours.

Handled reports are final unless additional information is supplied and verified that makes us change our decision. Repeatedly reporting the same thing over and over again will not change our minds, nor our decision.

Just because you disagree with something somebody has said does not make it racist, -phobic, misogynistic, anti-environmentalist, conspiracy theorist, or bigoted. Complaining about other users is not against the rules but may reflect on you poorly within the community. The same can be said for any insulting.

Thank you and enjoy your time on Worlio.