Worlio Instances

We provide some public instances for our users.

If you believe our services are being used for abuse, please email report@worlio.com with logs.


Last updated: 2022-12-01

Worlio provides it's own email service to top-subscribers of the site. The service can be logged in through the web client or through an external client via IMAP.


Worlio Email does not have any particular rules on it's email service. You are free to sign-up or do whatever you wish as long as it does not break US laws or abuse our services. Worlio complies with any valid court orders from US law enforcement and investigates all claims of abuse.


You must have a Worlio account and be a Gold member.

Send a message requesting an email to Wirlaburla. If you are eligble, you'll be given directions to assist with your setup. All emails are manually set up and created.

As of April 15th, 2024, email accounts are automatically set up using your site username and password.


Worlio Mail supports IMAP and SMTP through external email clients, but can also be used through our own hosted webmail client here: https://mail.worlio.com/

Auth Method: PLAIN or LOGIN
IMAP: worlio.com:993
SMTP: worlio.com:587


You can view the information on the irc.worlio.com.


Last updated: 12/01/2022

Mumble is our public and free VoIP solution.


Our Mumble follows the same general rules as for every other service we provide: Abide by US laws. If you are too much of a problem for other users, you will be banned from the server for a temporary time (3 months).


Worlio hosts a murmur instance (Mumble server) for both tcp and udp. Client bitrate is capped at 256kbps. Accounts are not tied to Worlio accounts.

Server Address: worlio.com:64738


You can view the information on the xmpp.worlio.com.


Last updated: 12/01/2022

As of right now, our Traveler server is offline and it is unknown when it will be brought back up.

You can view more information at the main page: https://worlio.com/traveler/

Traveler is a 3D world and voice chat application and one of the first of it's kind. Worlio hosts it's own instance for others to use and communicate.


Abide by US laws. Bonking - bumping into peoples avatars to annoy or bother others - is seen as rude and will be met with a swift kick.


Connecting to the Worlio instance usually requires the world author setting the connection url to worlio in its dsv/olv file. Authors can set the server url to worlio.com.

Users can force their clients to use a specific server if they wish by editing the INI located at C:\Windows\dstrav.ini.